Vision. Imagination. Innovation.

Since our founding in 1979, high quality and low prices have always been our core values. Each collection is designed to cover our customers' needs and meet their highest expectations. The constant improvement of our products ensures the eyes' protection and stands as our top priority. Our manufacturers in northern Italy guarantee the quality of each pair of Gianni Venturi glasses, as they combine hight edge technology with materials of exceptional quality.
Our stores are fully equipped with the latest optical devices to ensure your immediate and efficient service. Our trained and experienced staff is always at your disposal to provide an expert opinion or assist you at choosing the right glasses for you.
Our ultimate goal is total customer satisfaction, a goal achieved by the combination of professional expertise, excellent customer service, reliability and constant training on the up to date developments in the optical scientific field. Therefore, it is our promise that at Gianni Venturi you will always find excellent service, both courteous and respectful to your personal needs and desires. 
This has always been the vision of Dimitrios Katsantonis, the company's founder.

Professional Expertise

The human eye is one of nature's most complex wonders. Did you know that the average adult blinks at a rate of 10 to 20 times per minute with an average of 4,200,000 blinks a year? The human eye can also distinguish 500 shades of grey and detect over 10 million colors. Our trained opticians and optometrists can answer any questions you might have and find the best solution to any optical problem. Feel welcome to leave it to us, the professionals!


Changing Lives, One pair at a time. For us in Gianni Venturi it is of great importance to support / stand by people in need. That's the reason we joined the Lions 'Recycle for Sight' program in June 2010. As a result, we gathered 166.000 pairs of sunglasses of our own brand, most of which were distributed to people in need in developing countries where people would benefit the most.